How to Clean Your Fridge & Oven with Microfiber

How to Clean Your Fridge & Oven with Microfiber

Nobody looks forward to the grueling task of cleaning kitchen appliances. From the greasy- grime splattered stovetops to the burnt-on baking disasters inside the oven to even the comparably simpler stubborn streaks on stainless steel refrigerators, they can all combine to overwhelm even cleaning professionals.  

If you’ve ever felt like cleaning your kitchen might be fighting a losing battle, fret not because, with the right pro tricks and the right microfiber, we are going to transform this uphill task into an achievable chore.

Our in-house cleaning expert, Melissa Homer, shares her highly guarded tips to make appliance cleaning as safe, speedy, and effortless as possible without sacrificing killer results. These techniques were honed from working 18 years in the professional residential cleaning industry at the headquarters of one of North America’s largest residential cleaning franchises.

Melissa saw firsthand the miraculous transformation and near irreparable damage that can come from appliance cleaning the right or wrong way. So this hard-earned wisdom is not to be taken lightly and can literally save you thousands of dollars in dodged disasters.

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